The success of the site is only a key point

now there will still be a lot of people are constantly looking for the quickest way, such as how to send the chain, how to collect articles and more information, how to fast pseudo original, how to make the site traffic soared quickly and so on. However, so much effort in the mechanization of the post, but found no results, no improvement in site traffic, and even some sites because of excessive optimization search engine punishment, it is The loss outweighs the gain. Some people even began to complain that Baidu is too selfish, Google is unfair. In fact, do a good job site only a little, but not everyone can do this.

quit impatient, do their own content

This is what

is saying: "quit being impatient and do your own thing". It is a fast-paced society, everyone wants to own investment to get the fastest return, it will make the site of the taboo, More haste, less speed. this eternal truth. Sometimes we need to do stand behind closed doors, don’t swagger in their ideas and thoughts do not fully formed stand out, the tiger will put away the claws before the attack. As a webmaster, we have to be patient, quit rashness, to ask yourself: what I’m good at? What should I do to provide content to the visitor station? What? My visitors is what people? But not go to start thinking of marketing channels. When determining their own direction, the road to do the station has just begun. The next thing to do is the content of the site.

win word of mouth

when I once made to want their website to let people know how, when and how people come to visit the web site and brains but no way to go, I asked a friend to do optimization: what can learn website promotion, website marketing place? This understanding in QQ the friend told me to look at After seeing in the A5 network, suddenly I see light suddenly! Any advertising, any promotion, is better than not talk faster, and friends, colleagues and colleagues more convincing, reputation is the most important! And the website to succeed the focus here, try to ask your web site visitors, users do not have any profit driven case, will make the site spread like wildfire, talk? If you do, I believe you will succeed. Do stand to "having substance in speech content is very important," let users love the content is more important.

user experience

so it’s important to know what the user needs. Take the example of a big point, Baidu’s successful quiz platform: Baidu know is currently the country’s largest quiz knowledge platform. It is because Baidu know understand the user’s search habits, know the user in the search time is usually in the home search directly puts all sorts of questions in the box, sometimes even a problem very long, so it is difficult to achieve accurate search, so as to develop a platform to know.

SEO times

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