The key point to keep the long term effect of enterprise brand

for an enterprise marketing purpose there are two important points: the market and brand, for a small and medium enterprises need to establish and reflect more about the brand value in the market on the basis of consumers to rule the world, the Internet environment to provide enterprises more advertising space and channel construction, the most important thing for enterprise itself is the brand value, as the author is engaged in the architectural decoration industry in the region is very competitive, the market is fixed due to the lower threshold of the industry breeds more competitors, in the marketing of the market competition can reflect the elements is insufficient, the price of finished products and to reflect the maximum service, but ignore the brand and reputation of its value, once established brand and reputation effect can make the traditional industries in the traditional marketing mode. Gradually out of struggle, creating diversity advantage, for the concept of most marketing, brand effect is relatively vague, only consider every day to spend much of the effort to collect many target customers, this utilitarian approach does not exist in the development of the concept of development, also about the brand with too much uncertainty. To maintain the long-term effect of the brand, we need to pay attention to many aspects of consideration:


Part1: determine the industry’s overall strategy

is now doing a lot of social marketing companies are not yet mature electricity supplier channels to provide more room for competition and development of enterprises, to establish a brand also need to use the current platform. However, as the construction industry brand not only from a decorative angle and direction to do marketing, so marketing strategy does not have global considerations, often the loss, marketers need from the industry analysis of the starting point, establish industry brand strategy, establish the original brand height requirements, so as to ensure the development of a more accurate operation and brand effect of the basic work.

Part2: brand with long-term development

once established brand enterprise to bring the benefits of natural needless to say, the same thing is not a short-term brand of day two days of things, is a long-term operation of the overall concept, the starting point is to consider multiple flow based on repetition in the future development, need to use a few years or a few decades to the definition of brand, brand effect, so it has more value.

Part3: with better guidance

The most direct effect of

brand effect is in the same market environment, customers have the actual demand, priority definition of service providers for decoration industry impression, example: the local area has the brand concept of enterprise is nothing more than the landscape, huaran such large enterprises, customers using the Internet for the first time with the decoration demand priority choose the company, regardless of whether it is suitable for their own consumption levels, but the brand effect provides a better guide for the enterprise market, online publicity activities have had a degree of good control, simple to understand is that in the future all brand planning needs to focus on the brand unification strategy. < >

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