The essence of the article Taobao shop overall idea

just do a lot of Taobao sellers, I do not know how to start, but also to see a lot of technology paste tutorial, but also to find a lot of video viewing, or very confused. Li Leiting, according to his own experience for several years, to give a systematic look at the overall idea of doing Taobao, I hope to be able to help those who just entered the small partners


I would like to talk about the whole process of the main points, the specific details do not do too much to explain, we can according to this idea, for a module, to find details of the post to see.

first, the construction of shops, do baby details page

is that you have a user to deal with your local construction details page, in general is to imitate peers, you find several sales of higher counterparts, their details page to be broken down into a module, and then compare and see what modules are common some of these modules, you can put in their details page.

why this time I suggest you go to a reference, rather than create a page? Li Leiting is trying to say, another powerful master, he is more of his own in the category of understanding, for other categories, the real master is the high volume counterparts. You’re going to copy them, and their page is a page that is approved by consumers. All you have to do is to copy their pages and give them a promotion that is much harder than their peers.

two, price

pages and prices are basically done at the same time. Prices are listed separately, in order to illustrate the importance of price, the same product, maybe just a few dollars gap, in the case of exposure, one sales may be another several times. Therefore, the price must pay attention to. Moreover, many people do not talk about how the price, there are a lot of people say that the price is the price of *2+ freight costs, the price must be the best?.

pricing factors need to be considered, in general, there are 3, cost, customers, competitors. First of all, we have to consider the cost, and then go to see what they want to enter the market price, and then refer to the price of competitors, to develop their own prices.

so, here, we need to look at the market, what the price of good sales, but also their own profits are good, while competitors are less. This time to refer to those with our products almost, from the material, brand awareness, sales and other aspects of each other is not much difference, and his daily sales are good. This shop is the preferred reference object. Set a price similar to each other. The first point also said that this time, we have to give a greater intensity of promotional.

three, do basic sales

for Taobao, a lot of buyers to buy a store’s products, is very concerned about the point of sales, 0 sales with >

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