2013 of the year to see what the nternet circle

in 2013, this year there have been a lot of Internet circle, listing, mergers and acquisitions, Internet banking, P2P net loan, BAT war, the sword of the spirit…… None of this has anything to do with our eggs.

I’ve been thinking about our 2013……


2013, science and technology blog fire, since the media fire, WeChat marketing fire, everyone has APP, bitcoin is also a fire, the Internet financial hit.

2013, the chain industry, wilt wilt wilt, Taobao micro-blog and social commentary, social sharing also wilt wilt.

The birth of

new things, will run on the old things, in 2013, more and more owners to be met, but we have to escape from Beijing


, listen to me one by one:


2013 technology blog

012 years in May, 36kr got A round of financing. May 2012 tiger sniffing the network, 2 months later (in July) tiger sniffing the network has been reported to the Zhejiang Daily Media Group dream of hundreds of millions of investment. In October 2012 May 2012 pingwest titanium media line, on the line, "entrepreneur" magazine was born technology blog "fast carp", "commercial value" magazine on the technology blog’s geeks Park ", science and technology, science and technology NetEase Tencent Sina Technology Home revision blog show form.


2013 since the media fire

Sohu news client, NetEase cloud reading, Tencent news, Baidu hundred, 360 from the media platform, out of the media platform. With the media since the "pregnant peak" ads sold ten thousand of the day quotes Cheng Lingfeng on WeChat, more and more people joined the media since the gold rush, who regressed as ghost feet seven to 7.8W high shot from media advertising, behind the left Taobao designed to do from the media.


2013 WeChat marketing

webmaster 600 million users on the threshold of what WeChat buy, WeChat sales of thirty thousand – training a monthly income of 5 million, all the webmaster emergency to join WeChat ranks of marketing. But don’t know how to play WeChat? Micro-blog, copy routine, add the powder in said, then, WeChat group came out of the circle of friends, are pushing people, you push me to I push you, busy awfully.


(this is a WeChat promotional quotations)

everyone has APP

APP brush list continues, but I am more concerned about a station APP, Baidu out of the SiteAP> this year

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