60% Adsense per capita alliance by 2051 yuan in January

report shows that in the 60% profit has been in the station, starting from the lowest starting point of $5000 to more than $500, a total of 3619 people, the per capita monthly income of $2051. China Station seven anniversary survey released, the report shows that 40% of the owners have not yet achieved true profitability, while the way to achieve profitability of the owners of the 60% advertising alliance. Through the alliance website income accounted for the major proportion of up to 40.6% months, more than 5000 yuan profit in the webmaster, surveyed users only 527 people, accounted for only 8.29% of the total, there are still 42.57% of the owners of the monthly income of 100 yuan, the net station is only 20% to achieve site services and e-commerce profit, profit model one important problem into personal website survival.

40% website revenue is still a big problem

the rapid development of the Internet, the number of Web sites more and more, the number of individual sites is also increasing, as of the end of 2008, the Ministry of industry and information technology has reached 2 million 258 thousand websites. More than half of the number of sites for non-commercial personal website operated by the owners involved in the investigation, most of the people operating site is still dominated by leisure and entertainment, such website search engine traffic by the majority, but due to economic reasons and key price limited, which resulted in a large flow of small income inverse phenomenon.

click the CPC alliance is still the personal website more popular way of advertising, followed by pop CPM and registered CPA payment mode.

CPC, CPM, CPA three models into the most popular way to send personal

in terms of alliance selection, more inclined to Baidu alliance and Google Adsense alliance, the majority of the reasons for the choice because of integrity, brand, timely settlement, Ali mother ranked third.

on the issue of cheating on the alliance 26.8%, individual stationmaster had banned accounts experience through paid services, e-commerce, offline activities to achieve site income data for the 27.8% survey found that industry website data reported in a good performance, with a clear profit model, fast growth of talent shows itself.

why do I stand http://s.iuvod.cn even the per capita income of less than 1/10 ah… I have to refuel.

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