DoNews community promotion experience

1.              pull the people around to come up with  . Do not rush to engage in news, advertising. Contact the outlook to send a message, IM said.

2.                the person on your IM, who is with you in a community, these people are easy to connect with you to form a new community.

3.                in 2000, I pulled people around me on DoNews, thus forming the IT writing community. 2006, I still pull people around me on, in order to equip the IT community, I will use more IT products, and strive to become a product expert. In order to ensure the success of the DoNews community IT equipment, please Yesky former editor Wang Hongyang, he is a product expert. He is surrounded by people who are equipped with the highest quality IT seed user. In order to ensure the success of community IT equipment, we have China digital alliance founder Jim rabbit products Zuotang comments. In order to ensure the success of the IT equipment community, we ask all the people on the DoNews can write down their feelings.

4.                2000, I am a person will pull their own people around DoNews; in 2006, DoNews already has a large number of "hardcore" users, as long as the "hardcore" to the people around him also pull on http://s., it probably is the.

5.                model user. The power of example is infinite.

6.                to form a good style by the user model, the so-called community culture. If you are carefully written comments, serious matter, new users, also feel shy "roof".

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