Colourful door taught us how to do network marketing

With the strengthening of

communication network and the use of information, bad information is far-reaching impact on us, we and a number of Internet users to "customers" information ocean, together to explore the one that what we are interested. So the topic and focus of the Internet, and to attract our attention.

so from the marketing point of view can be excavated from this to a lot of things, and this is simply a small marketing events.

let us analyze the classic marketing case by bit by bit.

First we

for keywords determines the distribution of the whole event or product keywords on the SEO strategy, the core words for customers, so we can see the search key to the surrounding properties as the attributive words, such as the nature of the protagonist, a key figure in the keywords, were used as the search site the hot, so that it is the strategy of the keywords in the above, do not have a full grasp of the core keywords as the ranking of their advantages, it can be used to make other attributes to obtain the corresponding advantages in it. So the SEO strategy has a big decision, because SEO is based on the search engine to change, you will never have a certain technology, and the strategy is forever. Do SEO is to change the status quo and Countermeasures of 10000, the goal has not changed is to get a better ranking, better information coverage, to expand the search engine marketing.

marketing, a pile of articles, speculation, positive and negative, these topics and articles are all concerned about this matter click, the biggest winner is the founder of the media and these articles. And on the whole event is the core of the product once again pulled to the colorful door above, who can get more soft text through these words, who will lead the information coverage. And through the events surrounding the discourse, has become the best dissemination of information, such as the naive in the forum, QQ and other viral marketing. We even saw a lot of marketing and interactive marketing 2 Shadow in its body, marketing is the result of terror because we all know that this thing, and for a time became the focus of all of us, it is a negative news of a let us sad, as we see it from the positive side, we see the network marketing potential from him.

"marketing colourful door" is far more than this, even pictures of marketing, video marketing application network is more sought after, the relevant provisions of that country to publish information dissemination of the photos of two hundred will be sentenced or detained. So this event brings us a lot of inspiration, because it is a successful case from the perspective of network marketing. It is worthy of our reference and the use of methods to carry out our own marketing activities.

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