qiyi plans to release the lead partner open marketing innovation trend

May 5th, 2016 Iqiyi World Conference held in beijing. As an important part of the general assembly to focus on innovation and trend of marketing "2016iJOY leshare will attract including Iqiyi’s chief marketing officer Wang Xiangjun, Iqiyi vice president of sales Chen Xiao, Iqiyi Wu Gang, vice president of sales of Iqiyi marketing department and content department executives, and thousands of brand advertisers, agencies and media representatives participate in. At the meeting, Iqiyi for the first time to share their own "marketing world outlook", and in the industry for the first time released the optimization of the marketing industry chain Iqiyi partner program". The day of the conference also announced the 2016 Iqiyi key copyright and homemade content strategy. In addition, the original creative patch, OTT advertising, program video marketing, VR advertising and a large number of innovative forms of advertising layout also attracted the attention of the guests.

six years to become the industry first, Wang Xiangjun for the first time to share the Iqiyi marketing world outlook


, Iqiyi’s chief marketing officer Wang Xiangjun

How does Iqiyi

in just six years, half the time with peers overall lead in flow, brand and revenue, and become the industry trend setters? The answer to this question may have a more systematic, but from the day Wang Xiangjun share but can find a spot. She said, "in the process of growing up, we continue to adhere to and strengthen the marketing of Iqiyi world outlook: standard, innovation, open. "Wang Xiangjun also said," as a market leader, Iqiyi’s future is not only concerned with "what can be", but "what can bring the various partners of industrial ecology".

as for the first time to share the Iqiyi marketing outlook, "standard, innovation, open" sparked widespread sympathy and discuss the audience. The establishment and improvement of standards will bring better business opportunities for practitioners, a more fair competitive environment, Wang Xiangjun said. Iqiyi’s marketing standards including data access, advertising materials and processes, content production and marketing, marketing effect evaluation in multiple dimensions. Marketing innovation is one of the core reasons for Iqiyi to become and remain a leader, involving multiple levels of advertising products, marketing concept and business model. In the open, Iqiyi is not only the sale of advertising resources, marketing service provider, is committed to break through the traditional linear communication industry chain type, using the power of the platform, the integration of content, brand advertisers and other downstream ecological resources, to achieve long-term win-win.

released the "Iqiyi Partner Program", such as Procter & Gamble four big brands to become the first partner of

Based on the

standard, innovation, open "marketing world view, the assembly also issued a new marketing model — Iqiyi partner program. It is reported that the partner program is the trend of the times in the development of entertainment content, and marketing trends in the mobile era under the, in order to optimize the marketing value chain, Iqiyi have common goals and values of the industry leader.

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