Transfer station a new conception of literary Station

do stand for so many days, has been wandering in the Internet, found that the literary site is nothing more than a few:

is a writer party, is also a writer will host together, writing guidance and comments, and then the manuscript to the publisher, to check, the publisher has caused attention but very priority. However, this requires the host in the publisher to have a certain strength, prestige and status.

second is a publisher, made a site, type and requirements, for this submission, and there are many writers, are so many publishers, but in this case, people are bound to contribute a lot, but uneven.

third is a simple novel download. The first and second, are for writers and publishers, but there is a big loophole, is a reviewer for a long time, generally for a month, of course, some of the site said that as long as a week, but after all, few, a website is a month. This month, the writers are often the most difficult, the most easily swayed also during the period.

so, I think I can do it another way. There is a transfer station. It is very simple, is in the middle of the party and party Writers Publishing, build a platform, the writers can put their draft outline and preview chapters on the site, the budget number and time, and the publishers can choose their favorite in the middle of that manuscript, notice by writers, writers consider not good accept. In this way, the publisher for myself to accept the manuscript will have a base, and the writer manuscript will have more choice.

two, in this way, we may think it is too commercial, but now this is the era of commercialization, not to mention, in fact, more conducive to the generation of good manuscript. Because many writers are professional, they write articles, in order to live, so I have to try to cater to the requirements of the publisher for publication, get paid, this manuscript, there will be no mind. If you can achieve the transfer station, then, we can get a lot of new writers have the potential, because the writers can own mind flashed inspiration, write a story, an outline, a good story, a good novel, which will generate.

three, the publisher, they can receive types of fiction will increase, the new story will increase, because there is no such restrictions and fetters restrictions, the writers can better play. Moreover, publishers can first see the story outline and preview chapters in the novel, also has a certain degree of understanding, although eventually have to do a test, but it is more relaxed, so there will not be many articles piled up, unable to see. The speed of publication will naturally be much faster.

four, the writers, the writers have more space to play, no longer confined to a given site requirements, as long as you have some really good novels, there will be a publisher to choose. Moreover, as a literary enthusiast, most have a small

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