Snapchat is rolled out a 4 billion valuation the unicorn Qian Cheng carefree days are over

burn after reading photo sharing application Snapchat valuation has been from the previous $30.72 down to $22.91, the overall valuation was down 25%, while in May this year, Snapchat’s valuation has reached $16 billion, according to this calculation, the valuation of the evaporation of $4 billion. Some people worry that this or that a unicorn is falling.

according to the "Financial Times" reported that the investment management company report shows that the company’s two funds just will they hold Snapchat stock value down 25%. The specific holdings in these two funds for the end of September, fidelity growth enterprise fund holders of Snapchat shares worth $10 million 370 thousand, accounting for only 0.028% of total assets of the fund, but the fund valuation for Snapchat in June from $30.72 down to $22.91 in September 9 at the end of the month; fidelity blue chip growth fund holds $15 million 100 thousand worth of Snapchat stock below, prior to the disclosure of $20 million 312 thousand.

Other investors

Snapchat also includes Benchmark and Kleiner Perkins and other Silicon Valley venture capital companies, as well as Alibaba, Tencent and other technology companies.

Snapchat is currently valued at $15 billion, after the taxi application Uber, short-term rental housing service providers Airbnb and big data analysis company Palantir, is the fourth highest valuation of unlisted technology start-ups. According to LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffmam last week in a speech to the point of view, these four companies belong to the "dragon" enterprises (more than $10 billion valuation), and we will usually be more than $1 billion valuation of companies known as the "unicorn".

and interestingly, just two days before November 9th, the domestic media such as Sina Technology, science and technology, science and technology, Tencent NetEase Sohu IT four portal in citing foreign media, Snapchat, video browsing volume exceeded 6 billion, and have given the "Facebook the tension" next "Facebook" conclusion or hope. However, not everyone agrees with this, such as the financial times.


had according to LiveStories statistics, Snapchat video hits has reached 4 billion times, and the growth rate is not reduced, since May this year, the average daily Snapchat video traffic has doubled, up to 60 times more than Facebook, and just last week announced that the company on video browsing has reached 8 billion. However, Facebook data traffic, including the desktop and mobile terminal dual port, and Snapchat are almost all from the mobile terminal.


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