From the optimization of the coffee machine industry website really experience the role of the mothe

as a SEOer staff is the most distressing is that the site is optimized to reduce the right, the site appears abnormal or K station and was pulled out, but do not know where the reason is in the end. Therefore, in order to help the webmaster can find the causes of abnormal and web site is down right, Baidu Webmaster Platform officially launched in June 6th this year, the website message reminder tools < the specific content of the tool is not the express, a Baidu Webmaster Platform can enter the tool with understanding the content of > the tool has been introduced in the author and the webmaster exchange not heard a webmaster receives abnormal remind website, many owners are skeptical of the tool, this tool is used to flicker is not the webmaster, is not just a decoration only? These questions must be many webmaster have a heart, < including the author, before >.

But in the current

the optimization on the coffee machine such a site when I did receive Baidu Webmaster Platform message reminder tool to suggest that it was in September 29th this year, the morning of the Site: detection of the chain, when the author on one of the chain when the page opens, found the page opens is abnormal, the browser has suggested that cannot be resolved to the site of IP. At that time I was in such a hurry, then enter the Baidu Webmaster Platform wants to use the chain to the page < tools will be rejected; note: at that time I think may be due to the page, as long as the reject no matter > when entering Baidu Webmaster Platform after the first thought look at the site in the end there is no abnormal reminder, then enter the Baidu message reminder column, click find abnormal remind said could not be resolved to this site ip. when I know the reason of abnormal website, will immediately contact the space service providers told the cause of abnormal website appeared by them, let the as soon as possible. < the tool also has let the author confused, I have mobile phone number is bound to the message reminder, why did not receive mobile phone information, for the doubts or Baidu official explanation. > the second day morning again in the Baidu Webmaster Platform click the exception message to remind, there was a connection from the the new send button < specific things so long also remember not clear how, actually should share with you, can cause time until today to share with you the > when also dare not, for fear of a million what problem, after all, the site is the company, after the long struggle the author is the connection point. In the afternoon, when the author checks the message to remind the tool that has been able to properly resolve the site’s IP, as shown below:


for the mother of the webmaster platform to remind the news tools last night, I saw the ZAC blog >

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