Polar route shield qiyi advertising was sentenced to 400 thousand yuan compensation for unfair comp

routing shielding Iqiyi advertising was sentenced to compensation for unfair competition 400 thousand yuan

[TechWeb] November 3rd news reports, Iqiyi sued pole routing shield advertising case, Haidian court recently verdict. Polar route shield Iqiyi advertising behavior, a court convicted of unfair competition, Iqiyi to pay 400 thousand yuan. The Iqiyi v. pole route, first established hardware vendors, Internet service providers, although beyond the conventional industry, can also constitute unfair competition standard.

routing is the Beijing branch geeks extremely limited company of science and technology in the end of 2013 to launch a smart router, a main function of which is to screen advertisement. Specifically, the installation of a plug-in to advertising in the extreme route, users watch video titles will not appear advertising, it damages the video website free + advertising business model. Ultimately, the act was clearly identified as improper competition behavior.

Prior to this,

, Kingsoft’s Cheetah browser has been shielded video site advertising was indicted, the results are for the browser side lost. This is the first Iqiyi sued routing hardware vendors shielded ads involving unfair competition cases, which belongs to the new acts of unfair competition legislation when unforeseen.

IT and intellectual property lawyer Zhao Zhanling TechWeb said that the verdict is mainly based on the polar route destroyed the video website of normal business model, according to the anti unfair competition law second, which violates the principle of good faith and accepted business ethics. The verdict of the case also means that the interception of the video site advertising hardware vendors are not supported by law, those who rely on screen advertising to attract users of the company needs to change its business model.

it is understood that the current route has been modified setting, no longer shield Iqiyi advertising. (Ming Yu)

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