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1 baby electricity supplier honey bud baby completed $60 million C round of financing

news December 15th, honey bud baby founder and CEO Liu Nan today announced the completion of a $60 million C round of financing, by the H Capital collar vote, the last round of investors Sequoia Capital and real funds to continue with the vote. B round of $20 million financing less than half a year.

Maternal and child products of high-end

honey bud baby main imports of the website on-line in March 2014, with "quality + genuine + limited sale model breakthrough in high-end maternal population, the month of on-line GMV million, 8 months has millions of users, October GMV of more than 100 million yuan, mobile terminal sales accounted for 75%, and keep a high price and high rate of re purchase.

recently held the China Internet retail conference, Liu Nan said: cross-border imports is just a supply chain model, not a business model. The core of the business model is to seize the needs of high-end vertical population, honey bud baby’s rapid development, in fact, accompanied by China’s middle class family consumption upgrade process".

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domain name   four

2 Google can access the domain name to reproduce Jianghu  

December 15th – the day before, micro-blog users broke the news, Google search has been shielded and even can access the domain name comeback. Google users lifted, the big dipper.

is reported that either through the computer or mobile phones can be a normal visit to Google, enter the domain name jump to, that can be used. I do not know the Google this is to restore access to "ventilation" as intermittent before? Or will the permanent

to enter the mainland market?

3 Network letter office: Phoenix, Sina, Tencent and other 8 sites hype vulgar content has been investigated

reporter yesterday from the national network information office was informed that the state Internet information office to 8 websites recently deliberately cornrows, vulgar content and speculation.

according to the National Network Information Office of the person in charge, according to a recent online pornographic content rise, part of the news website, business portal vulgar office network problems rebound situation, the national network information office has been deployed on the Internet to carry out a comprehensive investigation of problems. According to public reports and repeated verification confirmed that Phoenix podcast channel, Sina entertainment and entertainment Gallery column, 17173 Network >

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