Cheng Lingfeng how close is YY to QQ Several judgments on the listing of YY



peak brother to visit the industry, get several judgments on upcoming YY.

1, YY in the revenue structure is the most like QQ company. Nearly 50% games, the community is based on value-added services, advertising is 15% of the 30%.

In product model YY with QQ

2, this source: are the communication platform based on. And then based on the communication to a variety of vertical business development and cash. The difference is that QQ is a point to point communication started, YY is more than many start. QQ is based on text start, YY is based on voice. QQ extends from point to point communication to multi pair (Q group) and social (Qzone) and mobile (WeChat), YY expansion has not yet.

3, YY has a considerable proportion (40%) of users with a personal friend, that is, peer to peer communication YY friends, similar to QQ. But not much. QQ is most worried about this. But YY does not need to completely angered QQ, so it will not force. Do not force, but gradually cultivate habits of users, the YY provides the convenience of product experience to develop user group chat chat habits, such as adding friends can easily track each other in what channels play a key to follow, etc..

4, QQ attack YY product is QT. QT game promotion by Tencent, Tencent China games accounted for half of the country, powerful. YY has diversified into entertainment and education industries, but the main position is still the game. YY is also the base camp.

5, over the past year, QT technology and products in the Polish, the next two years will increase the erosion of YY, so YY need money to fight this battle, which may be an important reason for listing. If it is not listed, YY no money, hematopoietic capacity is not strong enough to bring a sense of security in the long campaign. Listed on the campaign may start before the grain, tree brand, to partners and users with confidence, prepare for war.

6, YY voice service costs are high, it is not easy to make money. But from the earnings report is still high income, high cost, low profit. Can not sleep without any anxiety.

7, QT hidden: user activity, loyalty, the chain is only the initial formation of the relationship is not stable. Large companies in human resources, financial input is not enough. Before as Fu Sheng said: into a battle against the big company with a small company of hundreds of people collective, I have a chance.

8, YY hidden: growth is not strong, the ability to lower than expected revenue. YY entertainment accounted for more than 30%, but the number of paying users quarter is significantly increased. Entertainment ARPU pulled to 250, there are signs of overdraft.

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