Doll doll doll market demand huge profits considerable

children’s market is a big cake of gold, as long as you took, can make a good. The lack of siblings of children will inevitably feel lonely, a simulation doll "in accordance with the children I made the appearance simulation dolls" launched to the market in 2005 in Guangzhou, has caused children’s pursuit of guangzhou. Many large cities are also eyeing the business opportunities. />

mabao for 1 – 14 years old children, the main products are divided into two dimensions: one is a half to 2 years of age "baby mabao", the size of 20 inches; the second is 3 – 12 years of age, the "baby mabao" size 23 inches, retail prices are 1280 yuan and 1380 yuan. The high-end positioning

"mabao", determines its products without using conventional channels wholesale, retail terminal OTC business, must be based on the image store launch, so the store location is very important.

"simulation doll" is specifically tailored for production, sales only once. But the "simulation doll" as his young master, will produce a series of consumption, such as a variety of popular products, furniture, clothing, small vehicles and so on, outside damage also need to enter the "simulation doll hospital" by the professional technicians to "heal" and "nursing".

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