Mobile nternet brings new opportunities for self driving tour

with the improvement of living standards, people’s lives have changed a lot, people pay more attention to the enjoyment of life. Modern social car into the family, become the main means of transport, weekends or holidays, driving by car, to cool, relax. Today, self driving tour contains enormous business opportunities, in 2010 the United States 84% of domestic tourism and self driving tour, the market size of more than 1 billion 700 million. According to the number of motor vehicles in China and the average annual growth rate, the greater the imagination of self driving travel market.

the past, driving enthusiasts will be ready to work hard, halfway in a city stop, I want to find a hotel is very difficult, in accordance with the previous carpet looking only hit the jackpot, location, price, service completely. And now, as long as a smart phone and a travel client can solve many problems in the process of self driving tour. With the combination of social media and mobile Internet, travelers in the journey, travel, travel can use mobile devices to interact and share. In the first stage of the trip, passengers can travel with me, such as travel social networking sites, exchange of travel plans for each other, CO organized, launched tourism activities, etc.. Not only that, Wap mobile Internet makes people aware of the phone can become an extension of the internet.

"driving because of the development of wireless travel and accelerate the pace of" Chinese online travel site where the network that the development of tourism will become the wireless client Chinese self driving tour market catalyst. Chinese cities, scenic service system can not fully meet the needs of self driving tourists, such as the lack of a complete introduction of information, improve the reservation system, to increase the number of visitors to a lot of problems.

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