Can also be able to sell soy milk entrepreneurial venture

referred to soy milk, people will feel that it is an ordinary breakfast, but who can not think, is that it seems that the humble milk to change the fate of a person. Rely on Soybean Milk realize their business plans, then her career and how is it?

Before the

2010 in September, the city of Changyi in the street girl Yao Na and all the students are busy looking for work, is full of confusion in their future, in 2008 after graduating from Weifang health school, she had a lot of work, but has not found their ideal place. From the beginning of September 1, 2010, she placed a table from selling Soybean Milk started to study and focus on brand protection, with only 15 months to earn a pot of gold of life, income of nearly one million.

after drifting after

seize the opportunity

Yao Na later, sales of plastic, sold in the sales office building. During this period, she talked about her boyfriend, handsome boy, kind. Two young people with ideas after discussion, decided to detaner at work. Did a few days, earn four hundred or five hundred yuan, Yao Na put stall turn out. During that time, my heart is not the end, I think the future is very slim." Yao Na said.

2010 summer, Yao Na and boyfriend to do business in Ji’nan cousin’s home to play. One morning, customers buy them Soybean Milk drink, Yao Na drink with good taste, at noon on the day to sell Soybean Milk Tandian Beitou, after the conversation, she learned that this is the grain Soybean Milk.

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