What are the conditions to join boss Fang fried

fried as breakfast in the field of big brother, has existed for a long time. So far the development of consumer spending has not only increased. The boss is Suzhou famous brand Fang fried fried, features a large, thin, crisp, bottom marinades and more mellow taste and delicious meat stuffing firm. In 2005, the boss Fang fried the first store opened in Suzhou near the old gate, because the authentic taste delicious, reasonable in price, a bustling, people queuing in a continuous line. After the expansion of the scale, in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong and other places have more than and 50 direct, franchise, loved by the people.

boss Fang is currently more chain stores fried fried brands on the market in Suzhou, after decades of operation, attracted many foreign tourists, local residents and entertainers come to enjoy, often by many magazines and delicacy delicacy program recommendation, brings wealth for many entrepreneurs to join.

boss fried join conditions:


1, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, love the food industry.

2, the boss of identity Fang fried "integrity and pragmatic, innovation, service" business philosophy.

3, can devote business boss Fang fried stores, can accept the continued promotion of training.

4, with a certain amount of financial strength, access to legitimate funds, good financial credit.

5, do not engage in illegal or corrupt social morality activities.

6, in strict accordance with the requirements of the headquarters unified brand name, unified brand image.

7, do not sell expired products to ensure product quality, and consciously maintain the brand image.

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