nvest in a vending summer good money

in addition to work, people can not always stay at home, who has a hobby to go out shopping, but once you go out, it is impossible to say that you have not been drinking, so a variety of street drinks began selling. The hard, everyone eager to always have a drink. With the arrival of beverage sales season, investment in an automatic beverage machine, not only can open up a career path for yourself, can also send some cool ideas for others.



vending machine is a kind of new intelligent products, not because of language barriers, and the operation is easy, since listing in the United States, Japan and other countries is developing rapidly, now in 45 countries have been widely popular. According to industry estimates, the vending machine Chinese has a capacity of only 20 thousand, compared with 1 billion 300 million of the population, this number is not worth mentioning, if the vending machine market has been fully developed, its prospect is very considerable.



1. automatic beverage machine has the advantages of simple operation, for investors there is no particular skill requirements. 2 automatic beverage machine independent operation ability, automatic cup, and a continuous automatic beverage, without special care for long time, saving time and effort.

3. if you join the coffee machine bidder can get free training, free drink powder and door-to-door bidding company technical support and professional customer service service. 4 if investors are laid-off workers, you can apply to the Shanghai Municipal Labor Bureau, access to unsecured loans of less than 50 thousand yuan.


simulation program

/ start-up capital: about 23 thousand yuan

/ equipment investment: 1 vending a 19 thousand yuan (hot and cold drinks, do 12 varieties of continuous automatic drink 150 cups). 2 the first purchase (beverage powder) 4000 yuan. 3 venue rental fees: in a way to lease the site, that is, every sale of a cup of beverage, 20%-30% of the profits to the site provider, no upfront cost of investment.

] economic benefit estimation

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