51 from the point of view of the marketing model

      ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon, I did not think today is the technical forum, so I will say some strange marketing, today to share a 51.COM case experience, from the inside you can see the difference between 1 and 2 above the essence.

      first of all we see is the development of a SNS social network, which is the world’s top ten list, which shows a few things,…… But he has 20% of the traffic is from MSN, that is, when we use MSN he will let you keep a diary, this list is not the case before… The flow of the first ten position, so the development of SNS website is the prospect of the development momentum of the 51.COM itself is allow all doubt, the SNS website, because I often and my friend asked me to say that you are not the recruitment website, I said that we can help migrant workers recruitment, because the 51 above of migrant workers more, but we are Never mind. The two companies, 51 of the services he provides is very simple, is to give users a diary, upload photos, friends.
      when we talk about marketing to talk about media personality change, just a gentleman said they were from a technical point of view from 1 to 2, from simple web browsing to the complex situation, what is the 1 website? For example, sina is the traditional portal, the user is the biggest purpose of sina to watch the news, his news is how to do it? First he used the news, he has a lot of news sources, he and many suppliers, plus manual editing way to make important news floating in the home above, the user is browsing and individual, but I see the same news is Never mind, this is the broadcast media he, the main traffic is browsing from the content, if we talk about marketing is a content push advertising, to attract users to click, podcasts appear two or three years ago,…… They spread in this aspect is allow all doubt many housewives, they have heard of podcasts, because they know who Xu Jinglei is, but we say that he is unable to get rid of mode content, through artificial editing after release,… To the home above, so when you see the Sina home page you can see a lot of content, but the content is submitted by the user, this is a monomial content push, he also broadcast media. The advertising model is very simple, this is a single, but we are talking about when entering the real 2 SNS newly appeared, the media in the past and there is a great gap, I write here SNS new media, he is first interaction with user generated content, but his focus on the user interaction, the user visits to each other, such as I see your podcast, you look at my podcast, I give you my photo scoring, so 51.COM to a great extent above this interaction, so the amount of user interaction.

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