How do the rural retail business after the beginning of autumn

although the weather will have any influence on the operation of any store, however, the location of the store is different, the influence will naturally have a difference. This year, high temperature and long cycle, high temperature, rainfall. To a certain extent, has affected people’s production and life. Although it has made the autumn have been a long time, but the weather is hot like a steamer, from time to time to the rainstorm, torrential rain, more to the retail business brings a lot of trouble. So, in the face of continuous high temperature and rainy weather, rural retail customers how to turn the challenge into opportunity? To hear them say —

a good car shed

retail stores are mostly in the rural village main road, convenient transportation, traffic is relatively concentrated, this is also the rural retail geographical advantage.

and the rural poor road conditions, especially the rain and snow, on the dirt road based village road will be muddy, vehicle in and out has become a major problem of the villagers travel. However, for some time on the street, and set to work zouqingfangyou villagers, transport is essential. From the muddy road to push it, then push back home, not only troublesome, but also time-consuming effort. While most of the rural retail shops in the road is better on the side of the main road, of course, became the focus of the villagers placed vehicles.

rural retail stores mostly before the open terrain, unlike the city and township retail space so crowded, will also give the villagers parking has brought great convenience, private cars, electric cars, bicycles suspended in retail stores, has become the choice of most of the villagers.

Zhang said the villagers, he will go home, private cars parked in the shop on the edge of the village. Why? The village is a relatively narrow road, the car is not good, as the legs go back; one is in the shop all day long time, the car here can get care, no worries.

as a rural retail business, mostly relying on the people in the village. In the rain during the period of high temperature, let them put the vehicle, to help them take care of the villagers, convenient also should be done, not only can not put the retail customers face, playing patience, but to accept, this is also the basis of longluo emotion.

to provide value-added services to the villagers, but also enhance the reputation of the key retail stores. Zhang Cheng is a rural retail customers to retail customers, in order to facilitate the villagers put the vehicle in this special period, he had built a shed in the side of the shop. Usually, the shed can be placed in empty bottles, wrapping paper and other debris, and the rainy day, the villagers put the vehicle becomes.

The benefits of

canopy can also facilitate the villagers shelter, rest. In order to facilitate the villagers electric vehicle charging, Zhang also shed the installation of two multi-purpose socket.

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