Food and beverage industry development will be affected by what factors

a lot of industry all the way to develop, there have been a lot of problems, some of the traditional industries do not have to say, today, with the small series to see what the development of food and beverage industry will be affected by what factors. Find out the reason, is conducive to people continue to move forward.

two reasons: the catering industry to join the capital bottleneck. Capital is the blood of the enterprise, for the food and beverage industry, this blood is a treasure. Well,   "blood" is not enough, the benefit is not good, you need timely "blood". The so-called "healthy development" only rolling is to support the family, the accumulation of funds is "Long March" flavor, it is difficult to reflect on the scale benefit.

three reasons: catering to join the talent bottleneck industry. The quality of food and beverage practitioners joined the low, because the whole community food and beverage education has been a problem, and we are not aware of, or even aware of the indifferent. Food and beverage industry to join the crisis is serious, especially grassroots, frontline staff recruitment is very difficult. Now the whole society to improve the level of education and culture, people are yearning for a good and respected occupation, while catering to join the service of precisely this weak, lack of competitiveness in the fight for talent, so difficult to hire, hire people who are not of high quality.


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