Twelve constellations of beauty to follow up

after the twelve female entrepreneurs share a constellation of other signs, here are the female entrepreneurs entrepreneurial story is wonderful, is the female entrepreneurs pioneer, a look!

– angeljuliet constellation representative: Rice Salad founder Wang Lingkai   Wang Lingkai, a story of the female students. She graduated from Peking University with a master’s degree from University of Hong Kong, and she gave up the olive branch of Harvard University. The birth of rice salad was a bit of an accident, and it came from a trip to Wang Lingkai.

was in Chiang Mai, she suffered a crowd of malicious siege, a Singapore boy to help her, and asked her in a local restaurant to eat salad. This opens a window on her salad cognition, large quantity, variety, color is very rich, is not impressed by the tasted terrible, but delicious.

when domestic salad products market is still blank. After returning home, in 2013 she transferred the day to earn one hundred thousand of the shares of the company, packed up their bags, began her journey of salad. 8 months, she went to Holland, Japan, Turkey, Morocco, France, Italy, the United States, Australia, every country, she worked in a local restaurant. On this trip, she found that there was a great deal of difference in each country.

  Capricorn CAPRICORN: life is only two things, it’s none of your business and I don’t give a damn. You get the world, but do you think the world is so good? I’m Capricorn Capricorn, get rid of Scorpio capricorn.

– sign for representatives of the 1: Honey bud founder Liu Nan as Xu Xiaoping said, Liu Nan venture, is entirely because of love. She graduated from Beijing University in Baidu internship, after graduating in 2008 to join the Dow Chemical tube Pearson, 2010 pregnant stay-at-home mom resigned. As a perfectionist (yes, perfectionism is not a Virgo patent, the world is in Capricorn, what you said Liu Nan vowed to Capricorn) give the baby the best things, do not trust products on the market, she began his research on various maternal and child products, and soon became the mother of the circle of opinion leaders.

2011, Liu Nan founded honey bud. In 2013 she took the initiative to find Xu Xiaoping, successfully get it real investment recommendation

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