The investment of rural aquaculture industry 100% good project

With the acceleration of the process of integration of urban and rural areas, the rural infrastructure is becoming more and more perfect, more and more farmers return to

to start their own businesses. What are the good projects to invest in the rural aquaculture industry? The following Xiaobian take 100% money for your project.


breeding insect chicken

in many crops, cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum project attracted much attention, not only because of its small investment, quick returns, more important is the cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum’s huge market prospects, the money is absolutely no problem. Now what to grow to make money? As everyone knows, lingzhi is considered auspicious, rich and beautiful, a symbol of longevity, "grass", "grass", Chinese traditional medicine has long been regarded as a tonic, consolidate the precious Chinese herbal medicine. Folklore has the effect of Ganoderma lucidum, revive ever-young. Therefore, the choice of Ganoderma lucidum cultivation is definitely a good business choice.

General after planting 2 years see fruit, 3 ~ 5 years of high yield, 6 to 7 years will be in the full fruit period, 667 square meters of production from 500 to 800 kg of nuts (planting 56 trees, plant spacing of 3 meters × meters; 4). Current market price of 50 yuan per kilogram, tens of thousands of yuan output value of 667 square meters. What is the most profitable farming in rural areas? Seedling price of 20 yuan per plant, the plant from the mail; more than 50 strains of 18 yuan, more than 1000 yuan of more than 15 yuan.

of Fructus evodiae


with rural to City forward continues to accelerate the pace of rural market, expanding business opportunities is more and more obvious, the investment of rural aquaculture industry, more and more attention and praise, what are you waiting for, go find your business!

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