Returning home on behalf of the Ming Dynasty to create a 60 million year sales factory

from the workers who leave the hometown to be successful entrepreneurs home business, there are countless entrepreneurs to give up on this road, go on the road to the other. Only the most perseverance of the group of people in this difficult road to adhere to, and ultimately successful.

about the company’s products, the future business opportunities, proud Dai Ming, he jokes that he is stepping up the yellow mud, hit such a big business is not easy". However, the memory of the original work and then return home to start the process, on behalf of Ming Sheng bluntly, the most hard time want to give up".

1987, less than 20 years of age in Deyang, Zhongjiang Ming Jiang silk factory found the first job. 5 years later, when he was from an ordinary mechanical and electrical workers to the technical section chief, Kai Jiang silk factory bankruptcy, restructuring, the generation of Ming off. Subsequently, he came to work in Jiangsu, Danyang.

"I put in those years as a learning and accumulation process in Danyang. Only in the production line, you can put the technology and product combination, also will have to engage in small inventions, small creative impulse." Dai Ming said, back to his hometown in Zhongjiang, he continued his career, this is to follow the construction team to install street lights, a run is two or three years.

"working in those years, life was hard, live in sheds, bridge. So help people for a lifetime of street lamps, I am not willing to." Dai Ming students rented a recommended 3

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