Hongkong cement possession of the case the minimum is only 16 years old

Hongkong cement possession of the case is really shocking, not is the smallest criminal who is only 16 years old, the age is how involved in the murder? What happened is what, let’s take a look!


the slain man was found in a building with cement, cement and tools found hidden in the bottom of the body, the body has odor, police, badly decomposed corpses, the appearance is not clear, but the missing persons wear costumes and consistent with official pending forensic inspection, to confirm the identity of the deceased. Hongkong cement in the possession of the case of the victim may be killed because of a money dispute, the police have arrested a suspect, the other suspects still hunt.   according to Hong Kong media news, Hongkong police in March 6th received a woman reported to the police, said its 28 year old boyfriend lost contact. According to the police the missing man’s phone records and other information, on the afternoon of 29 traced to Tsuen Wan inside a building, and in a unit found a piece about a cubic meters of cement that smell. Firefighters were called to the scene, with a tool to cut the cement blocks, found a male body hidden under the. For the family of the deceased in the body after the sad.

At the same time, the police according to the


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