Adhere to 1O for many years only to do the sale of crystal glass products now become a big climate

girls usually love shopping malls inside those bottles and cans, sparkling small commodities, love to buy a few. ETONG is now crystal glass products industry well-known brands, more than and 30 provinces in the country to establish a sound marketing network. But many people do not know the brand, but from the Siming road a street shop developed. Shop owner is to insist on 1O for many years to do only crystal glass products trading.

however, Mr. Xu is not discouraged, he thought of a way to shop for glass products hotel manager, not money, let them free. Gradually, these noble, gorgeous, stylish cup was the first dial customer acceptance. Not only to grab the hotel, the gradual improvement of living standards of the people have begun to pay attention to these exquisite things. With this seemingly simple way, Mr. Xu’s shop took a key step.

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