How to carry out the characteristics of the fruit shop services

fruit because it contains more water, and adequate nutrition, so popular with the public praise, the market demand is rising all the way, but many people are aware of the opportunities, the fruit shop more and more, special services has become the key to victory, then how can be the special service?

1, give customers a new, rest assured, to ensure quality and cheap safe place of consumption.

open and optional way can let customers have more choice. For our fruit shop, with unified decoration, unified store layout, unified procurement, unified distribution, and all products are through cleaning, waxing, grading and packing in sales, can give customers more psychological satisfaction.

2, a unique guide consumption.

now customers to buy fruit, entirely on its own tastes and preferences to choose fruit consumption, while ignoring the characteristics of the fruits and suitable for eating people. Through the investigation of many consumers, found that almost no one can say the characteristics and suitable for eating pineapple crowd, and liver disease, stomach disease patients should eat what fruit, not suitable for what to eat fruit. This shows that we are in the blind consumption of fruit.

3, to provide a wide range of services for different consumer groups.

If you need to buy

4, in-depth excavation of fruit characteristics and other needs of consumers.

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