Hami farmers in Xinjiang to enjoy the dividends of shareholders

in the life of the broad masses of farmers to make money in the main way is to work hard on their own land, but with the development of the era of the new era of farmers have changed the way to get rich. Recently, Xinjiang city of Hami Illinois District Tianshan Township held funds profit sharing conference, conference room in the village of Nur Barker Development Zone, the table placed detector and 1 million 120 thousand yuan in cash, Hami Zhifeng farming cooperatives, two village more than and 160 Tianshan Village Shuiting and Yushugou village villagers paid cash dividends at the end.

50 year old Ernie Val · Moussa is Nur Barker Shan Development Zone Water Pavilion Village, this year, the office of poverty alleviation and township government guarantees, from the Hami commercial bank loan of 50 thousand yuan loan. Get loans, in the township government’s help, he will be 50 thousand yuan of funds to invest in the Hami Zhifeng farming cooperatives, become Hami Zhifeng farming cooperatives shareholders, on the same day, Hami Zhifeng professional cooperatives to distribute dividends this year, he got 5200 yuan of bonus funds.

Ernie Val · Moussa said happily: "in the future to participate in the cooperatives, which is second times the dividend, the first time took 5200, the 5200 again, after I got the money, he also raised the standard of living, the future will continue to participate in the cooperative, very happy. Thank the party and the government for such a good policy."

and Ernie Val · Moussa, the day came and dividends Yushugou village of Tianshan Xiang Nai according to lift to Shay, · he also got a bonus of $6500, while he was counting money, he smiled and told reporters after, in addition to the investment, but also with both hands to create value, make better life. · Nai according to lift to told reporters: "Yi Xia; for such a good policy, we should not only participate in cooperative dividends, but also rely on their own efforts, to create value for labor, to improve the standard of living."

it is understood that this year in order to help the township Yushugou village and Water Pavilion Village as soon as possible toward a well-off, Poverty Alleviation Office and the township government under the help of the Tianshan Mountains in Illinois region, Tianshan Xiang Yu Shu Gou Village and Water Pavilion Village more than and 160 villagers from Hami commercial bank loan interest loans to about 8000000 yuan, according to the proportion of 13% Hami Zhifeng farming cooperatives, Hami Zhifeng farming cooperatives operating at the end of the year, and all members of the cooperatives dividends at the end of the maturity of the loan, repayment, professional cooperatives.

Hami Zhifeng cooperatives responsible Niu Haibo said: "after the efforts this year to get some very good results, before the Spring Festival, we have to implement a dividend, we are by 6500 dollars to go, in the future we want to seize the war on poverty, the government of our overall development route special recommendation