The net positive regulators in the times about the car

these two days, for the love net about car travel people, has two things, one thing about net car was "positive", one is about the car giant network drops and yuho merged. Two things that nature is caused by the discussion, many people here, Xiaobian want to say is that the network about cars can be "positive", which shows us regulators to keep pace with the times.

network about cars "positive", let people see the work supervision department to keep pace with the times, according to the local conditions and the spirit of seeking the truth, make policy in order to realize the effective supply of market demand "". Now is the key period of the establishment of mobile Internet consumer spending habits, network about cars "positive", regulators cannot sleep without any anxiety, timely use of big data, artificial intelligence technology, innovative regulatory approaches, we should also work hard in the building of the supporting system.

recently introduced the "network booking taxi management service management procedures" for network about cars and finally have a birthright". And out of the specific industry, people can see the benign interaction between the regulatory authorities and the Internet emerging formats. With the line of the depth of integration and the deepening of Internet plus the net about the car supervision experience will be for other "new faces" management provides a useful reference.

about the car as soon as he appeared, the traffic management departments will always uphold the "open-minded, open and inclusive" attitude, not directly on the old management mode of "across the board", but take the initiative to embrace new things, giving enough space to market test new business models, but also to the user "vote by foot" opportunity.

in the "Interim Measures", regulators also adapt to network about cars, in the net about car platform conditions, business license and other aspects of tailored related conditions, innovative institutional design, also reflected on the new format of the escort". In fact, whether or e-commerce, instant messaging, management supervision department of our country new to the Internet is relatively loose economic vitality One principle runs through it all., the Internet is also derived from this.

in the specific practice, the traffic management department frequently investigate the actual situation of the mobile travel platform and the actual needs of the majority of consumers, and actively respond to market competition and the rules of the game changes. Compared to last year, the draft of October and recently issued the "Interim Measures", can be clearly seen in the private car, scrap access standards, the "Interim Measures" to the industry and the public opinion in a timely manner, the full adjustment.

This work

times, according to the local conditions and the spirit of seeking the truth, reflects the government to improve the effectiveness of the policy, to better achieve the market demand for the "effective supply", but also fundamentally out of the past "catch tight, put random" cycle. < >

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