Tea shop salesperson should have what qualities

a physical store business in the end is not good, in fact, many factors are related. Among them, the salesperson’s quality in the end how, will be directly related to the development of a store. So, if you want to open a business booming tea shop, naturally also need a salesperson with a higher quality. So, tea shop salesperson should have what quality?

the key to the operation of a tea shop is the overall quality of the salesperson, the salesperson is the eyes of the tea shop, improve the overall quality of the salesperson is the key to open a tea shop. As a tea shop clerk, first of all have a good cultural quality, the best one or two foreign language, to master the professional knowledge about tea, including tea varieties, origin, characteristics, quality standard, brewing method, storage method etc..

also has comprehensive knowledge, such as tea, tea, tea ceremony, tea, tea, tea history etc.. Salesperson is to deal directly with customers, related to the tea shop is able to produce the benefits of the key, the general should have the following professional quality:

1, attractive instrument: tea shop sales staff need to dress neatly clean, timely style, elegant appearance, simple and honest expression, neither a strong smile nor dull. Cordial and natural demeanor, warm, not unkempt hair, dyed color, precious ornaments with no nail polish, no perfume, No. Posture decent, not affectation.

2, a keen sense of observation: Brown tea shop clerk must "read" function, based on the appearance of customer identity for different customers, recommend different tea, so certainly high turnover rate.

3, a more flexible response capability accurate: because the customers of different levels have different requirements, which requires the salesperson reaction ability of tea shop, different requirements for different customers, respond quickly, understand and comprehend the customer’s purchase intention, and quickly to answer or provide service, have summed up the method the service reception for "one, two, three have been asked" is a concrete manifestation of the flexible response.

The expression of

4, the better ability of language: language is a tool for communication, is an important means for providing information communication, language expression is very important for the business, is directly related to the benefits of tea shops, should speak Mandarin, can not use the service taboo, speech should be moderate, should have a good mood, friendly nature, honest, polite. The person’s name should be appropriate, for different customer application of different polite language, flexible.

Self control ability of

5 and strong: because the tea shop sales work monotonous, customer personality is different, which requires the salesperson to control the emotions, no matter what the customer picky, you have to maintain a good attitude, and patience to answer questions can.