World cup hot cited concern about the four economic truth

6 13, the opening of the world cup in Brazil, the world will enter the football time. This global event is not only related to the most avid football, but also affects the world economy trend. About football and the economy, there may be four truths you don’t know.

1. football, spell is "people", "money"


2. index and

played football

to the world cup, who also stock? On the contrary, the world cup could bring a shot at the change of stock index. HSBC in the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea before the release of the results of this study: since 1966, the country who won the world cup, the country’s stock performance than the global average of at least 9%. Morgan Stanley law drawn more ironic: in the 1998 World Cup in France, a total of 22 red card referee out actually let Morgan’s global stock index rose over 900 points. And this is not the case, the statistical data since 1974 shows that the world cup card number and the trend of the stock market of up to 98%. The red card players don’t fret, the stock also rose to a force you.

3. gambling also depends on GDP

4. ball fun big economy