ce cream store positioning accurate

the current food market, ice cream as a special snack food, popular with the public and loved, business is very hot, and therefore attracted a large number of franchisees to invest. But want to successfully run an ice cream shop, but also to do a good job positioning. The market orientation of ice cream is related to the age, gender, ice cream taste, consumer psychology and cultural background.

1. age of positioning the main customer group of age distribution between 12 -35 years of age, because each part of the population of the different needs, therefore still need to be broken down.

12 -18 years old people on the cheap and good taste of ice cream interest; people aged 18 -25 years old for new, but the price of less than 50 yuan in the interest of ice cream; people aged 25 -35 years old of good taste, strong brand of ice cream is interested.



4. consumer psychology and cultural background position:

select high-end ice cream brand, the pursuit of customers, more than the pursuit of exotic taste; choose mid-range ice cream customers, is the pursuit of taste; select the low ice cream to hot weather thirst customers.

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