Female college campus entrepreneurship 3000 yuan net profit of one million

now college students have many college students want to start the business, but there are a lot of difficulties, today the whole network Xiaobian for you about college campus entrepreneurship to make millions a really examples of College Students’ entrepreneurship, not out of the campus, is already a millionaire. How did he do it?

from the beginning of 3000 yuan at the beginning of the sale of small cost into the university campus, the university graduates have not yet have a net worth of millions, believe this entrepreneurship can be a small broad young people are enjoying "42 pounds" feeling.

In the face of "

3000 yuan out of the "first pot of gold"

integrity play "Jiangshan" bitter sweet


"death of the past, afraid of what!" once again look back on this experience, the mood is very indifferent Cong Yue, he said confidently, such difficulties are quite gone, the future will no longer suffer.

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