Dry cleaners to make money will have to recruit these

in the second half, the major dry cleaners will enter the busy season, this time the entrepreneur will be more intense impulse to open dry cleaners. So for the first time entrepreneurs, how to open a profitable dry cleaners? Presumably the following trick will help them.

A, to open a dry cleaning shop can make money, how to open a dry cleaning shop to make money? First of all, you have to understand the local market, the location of the store in a mature area is better, the store is less than 1 kilometers around the other dry cleaners, near the store’s spending power is how to consider.

two, shop to long-term rent down, how to open a dry cleaning shop to make money? At least a 3 year lease, dry cleaning is a long-term operation of the industry, so you just put the famous play out, near the customer to your laundry, your store is not here, this loss is big. When the site should also pay attention to whether the shop is suitable for dry cleaners, including power supply, drainage and other ancillary facilities.

three, choose a good reputation and public praise by the headquarter brand dry cleaning, according to your actual situation of selection of machines and equipment, machinery and equipment must pay attention to quality, good reputation of the franchise headquarters will give you put off this road. In addition to the headquarters of the system training to improve your business level and business philosophy. Headquarters has a lot of successful experience in the store, you can compare targeted guidance, so that you take a lot of detours.

four, the store business, how to open a dry cleaning shop to make money? You might as well do some promotional activities to improve the visibility of dry cleaning. Let the neighbors know that you have a dry cleaner.

five, this point is very important, how to open a dry cleaning shop to make money? A point to do the washing quality, not only to clean your clothes but also to avoid damage to the problems, the store also must have the courage to assume responsibility; smile service to customers, especially the valet, the first impression to the customer.

six, constantly learning new material, how to open a dry cleaning shop to make money? Now clothing materials emerge in an endless stream only continuous learning, you master the material, different washing methods, can be targeted to the cleaning, to avoid unnecessary losses.

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