Tea culture contains great business opportunities

China is undoubtedly the birthplace of tea culture, Chinese tea culture has been spread for thousands of years, until now is still loved by the people, food and beverage industry investment options why not inherit the Chinese classic tea culture. The screening of history tells us an indisputable fact that the tea economy contains great business opportunities.

tea shop

survey shows that China’s tea population is about 260 million, tea sales market potential. Tianshan tea city, nine tea plantation, Tenfu, Wang Mantian, Mount Huangshan tea shop have formed a certain scale of sales. It is worth mentioning that, 60 ~ 180 yuan of mid-range tea for the general public good; and high-end gift tea by white-collar and high-income earners welcome.

investment analysis: open a tea shop needs at least 100 thousand yuan of investment, the specific amount of investment should be based on the size of the store and the size of the sale of tea. Stores generally in 40 square meters or more, equipped with two or three well-trained salesman. Tea sales profits are high, retail is generally more than 50%, wholesale also has about 30% of the profits, tea sales profit is relatively low, generally about 10%. The payback period is about 1 years.

operating key: 1 supply is positive, more varieties. The most important thing is to open a tea shop knowledgeable Shihuo, can get cheaper first hand, advantage in variety and price, in order to attract repeat customers. Therefore, entrepreneurs should know some tea knowledge. 2 pay attention to cultural connotation. Tea is a special commodity, in addition to drinking health care, as well as its cultural connotations. Therefore, only limited to "sell" tea should not store, and should be combined with the appreciation, tea, tea.

tea restaurant

tea restaurant due to Hongkong, known as the "mass dining hall", is currently in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places to develop rapidly. A prosperous new Wang, new hair, shelter, Lisboa, CHAMATE, big pot etc.. Although these tea restaurants seem to have been operating together, but still open a fire.

investment analysis: open restaurant, renovation costs are not high, the proportion of the proportion of the investment cost is the rent, the basic cost of investment accounted for 1/3. To 300 square meters of shops, for example, in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and other places in the basic investment of about $1 million 500 thousand. The return period is generally more than 2 years.

business key: 1 varieties of innovative dishes. As competition intensifies, the rich dishes become a major selling point of tea restaurant profit, can consider selected from Chinese and western, Japanese, Thai, Malay dishes, of course, need to be adjusted according to local tastes. 2 provide tea service. Although the restaurant now operates the main dishes, but unique tea.

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