Annual inventory of the five most frustrated technology heavyweights

to the end of the year, there will be a variety of summary, a variety of inventory. In one year, science and technology enterprises and thousands of industry changes, technology heavyweights also have their own sour, sweet, bitter, hot. Today, the introduction of the 2013 series of inventory of the year’s five most frustrated technology heavyweights, these characters encounter to some extent also reflects the changes in the technology industry.

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2, Chen Yizhou CEO

list of reasons: 2011 all companies listed in the United States, has been described as "Chinese Facebook", but in the past three years, everyone did not expand their user groups from the "alumni circle", more importantly, in the process of users to migrate to the mobile terminal in all, not a real success in core products. Mobile social era this veteran social networking site has missed the best time to change.

2013 everyone storm constantly: management turmoil, many people run away.

3, Chen Tianqiao   Shanda CEO

list of reasons: in 2013 the whole big group is still shrouded in clouds. Taurus as grand game business mediocre inaction, the third quarter of 2013, the grand game PC game revenue fell 10%. Morgan Stanley’s dissatisfaction with the performance of the three major PC game, down the grand game target price.

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