nternet plus Entrepreneurship female entrepreneurs more and more excellent

"Internet plus" era of entrepreneurship, to give the majority of women have brought very good business opportunities, in this wave of entrepreneurship, there emerged a lot of female entrepreneurs, their performance is not inferior to those of male entrepreneurs.

"Internet plus women", in the city of crash out what kind of spark? What are the difficulties that women are more likely to encounter in their own business? 106th "38" International Women’s Day approaching, the reporter conducted a survey visit.

"Female Business Plan Contest winning


"poly e hall" the story of

"poly e hall" founder Tian Weiye, platform is the upgrading of domestic consumption and trade policy test area based on the background, a large inflow of foreign goods Chinese data consulting create analysis system and build sales channels B2B (business to business) +B2C (business to consumer) combining site.

this platform, in simple terms, not to start their own businesses, but for others the business service".

"this is actually my second career transition." Da Wei said, from the University began in Taobao to sell goods to selling services to build the platform, she found common problems through continuous development of the electricity supplier, then through the experience and thinking of their own to help others solve problems. It is in helping others find a way to upgrade their own market, under the new business model, the Internet has become the spirit of collaboration and sharing of their own business development.

2006, Tian Weiye was admitted to the Medical University Of Tianjin, became a medical student. At that time, the textbook of medical students is generally more expensive, the cost of seven hundred or eight hundred yuan per semester for many students is not a small burden. Tian Weiye think, if reduce intermediate links, directly with publishers, get a discount, not cheaper? Therefore, through her department, Youth League and other various channels, the integration of all shopping needs, and then press on, eventually to buy materials to more preferential prices, it also inspired her to entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

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