What is the Pork Chop large coffee franchise

do not know is a small series of illusion or how, is friends how so love to eat chicken, Pork Chop foods, it is called the red meat era. By the small and large, although such a phenomenon is a small series of jokes, but as a veteran market investors can see the investment opportunities – meat items. Many carnivorous entrepreneurial projects, project investment agency recommended Pork Chop – Pork Chop big coffee to you here.


Pork Chop big coffee franchise

himself and his family are in good health and have passion and enthusiasm in this field;

recognized and accepted Pork Chop coffee project management concept and mode, interested in entrepreneurial investment;

provide legal ID card, so as to set up a real file;

The operation of

implement and comply with the Pork Chop coffee project management system;

is a natural person with independent legal person qualification or strong economic strength;

has a good sense of cooperation and good business reputation;

can be put into operation, and have a certain degree of market sensitivity;

with confidence in the food and beverage industry (food and beverage industry experience is preferred);

can invest all costs independently, and can bear certain business risk;

How to join the

Pork Chop coffee

Pork Chop coffee joining process:

1, join the telephone consultation matters, to arrange a time to visit the headquarters of Pork Chop coffee negotiations, signed directional agreement, pay the deposit.

2, determine the preparation of the program and opening time to sign the contract to join the franchise fee

3, come to my department for technical training by Pork Chop coffee franchisee sent workers, headquarters to provide industry turn evil decoration scheme

4, equipment ordering, installation, commissioning, restaurant staff recruitment, pre opening preparation and opening guidance and trial business.

5, Pork Chop large coffee franchise headquarters according to the operating conditions, regulate and adjust the restaurant operation.

6, the headquarters of new products to guide, to provide restaurant promotion program.


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