The Henan traders to Xining city received carrot

In August 22nd, Bao Zi Zhen Cheng Bei District of Xining City, Wu Zhong Cun Zhu Nan Cun village, the road on both sides of the carrot acquisition point, a car hanging "Shaanxi", "sweet", "Yu" license trucks piled up, the villagers are busy to the car with carrot. In recent years, Xining province famous brand of carrot, gradually become one of the characteristics of agricultural products in our city.

Xining carrot grown mainly in Chengbei District, with many sugar, wrong when listed around by the acquisition of vegetables favored, carrot harvest season each year in August and September, there will be a large number of foreign vendors to purchase, they will live in the countryside long-term acquisition of the North West Village become Ningcheng unique scenery.

According to reports, with the deepening of the restructuring of the agricultural industry in the north of the city, this year, the scale of the area planted carrots 3904 acres, accounting for the region’s total sown area of 13.01%

. At present, the north area of the carrot harvest, has gradually entered the harvest period, sales work smoothly. Since mid August, from Shaanxi, Henan, Gansu and other places of the vegetable buyers and local brokers gradually settled in North, the beginning of this year the carrot as of the date of purchase, before the road in Wu Zhong, Zhu Nan village were set up along the carrot focus on the acquisition of 6 points, the purchase price for 1 yuan / kg -1.2 yuan / kg. Because of more rain this year, carrot rot phenomenon is more prominent, this year is expected to carrot commodity rate is about 3500 kg per acre, per acre income is expected to reach 3850 yuan. (author: Fan Shengdong)


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