Xining Customs customs clearance through direct food exhibition

for 2013 Chinese (Qinghai) International Halal food and supplies exhibition services, Xining customs from smooth entry exhibits transit channels, exhibits rapid clearance and declare in advance, stationed in the exhibition site service from four aspects such as the special programme of work, handle and divert the entry and exit of goods exhibition veteran soldiers and able captains are responsible for the business, make sure the exhibition was successfully held.

for the exhibitors in many large scale, rich content and other characteristics, Xining customs as the initiative, in addition to set up the "leading group" exhibition service supervision work, but also to strengthening cooperation and collaboration and Commerce of Qinghai Province, inspection and quarantine departments, realize information exchange, resource sharing, division of labor, the formation of policy consultation and the customs supervision, comprehensive security three-in-one work pattern. At the same time, the customs in advance and the port of entry customs liaison and coordination, and strengthen cooperation with the sponsor of the exhibition, the main business, freight and other relevant units of communication, to publicize the customs supervision provisions, to advance the understanding of the basic situation and the entry of exhibits exhibitors clearance requirements, relevant units ahead of guidance in time for the exhibition registration procedures, to ensure that the import exhibits smooth customs clearance.

in order to ensure the smooth entry to international exhibits, Xining customs declaration Easy Access exhibition set up, implement security clearance, simplify customs clearance procedures, on-site inspection convenient, filing, import declaration, site supervision, exhibits domestic, transit, complex environment, out of customs clearance, the verification of "one-stop" services for imported exhibits. In addition, the customs and Excise Department is also set up at the scene of the customs service desk for foreign businessmen to provide customs policy and business consulting, at any time to solve practical difficulties. (author: Jia Ming)

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