Quality and efficiency of the way to increase the stability of grain income sustainable


13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, agriculture and animal husbandry to achieve the total grain output of 1 million tons, 300 thousand tons of oil, 1 million 680 thousand tons of vegetables, 440 thousand tons of meat, milk, eggs 440 thousand tons 37 thousand tons, more than 12 thousand tons of aquatic products, agricultural added value increased by about 5%, farmers per capita disposable income growth of more than 9% such as the target, the task is arduous and onerous.

to this end, the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry in 2016 to refine the work of the objectives and tasks, in doing a good job on the basis of routine work, the focus will be focused on the ten outstanding, as the new ten.

highlight the quality and efficiency, in improving agricultural production capacity as a new

to maintain the overall stability of grain production, continue to promote the whole film mulching cultivation of 86 thousand and 700 hectares, the application of formula fertilizer of 193 thousand and 400 hectares, grain and oil yield to create more than 26 thousand and 600 hectares. Promotion of disaster prevention and mitigation of stable production, green prevention and control, and other key technologies of specialized prevention and control, do a good job in the field of basic farmland delimitation. The implementation of farmland quality improvement actions, carry out land fallow rotation pilot system, speed up the pace of the construction of provincial crop seed breeding base, made substantial progress in the construction of national spring rapeseed, potato seed production base.

highlight the market supply, in the protection of the basket on the building as a new

new high standard solar greenhouses 5000, transformation of the old shed 2000, support 15 vegetable garden construction, improve the vegetable planting subsidies, support new standardized scale farms 150. Continue to promote the cow out of the park and the introduction of fine varieties, a number of new standardized mechanized milking stations, standardized dairy farming district, to promote the spread of the breeding area to focus on farming. Support trout fry breeding, the new high standard water net area of 10 thousand square meters, in the extension of cold water fish products industry chain, promote deep processing of products and brand building efforts.

highlight the transformation and upgrading, the construction of ecological animal husbandry in the experimental area as a new

focus on ecological animal husbandry cooperatives joint-stock reform, explore the establishment of Experimental Zone Construction incentive incentive mechanism, promote the cooperative shares of livestock insurance pilot, carry out system innovation, mechanism innovation and construction of the pilot in 100 ecological animal husbandry cooperatives, pastoral livestock shed million building construction. New 20 organic livestock base village, focusing on cultivating a number of competitive organic animal products processing leading enterprises, striving to build 2-3 organic animal products brand. Construction of artificial grass base 66 thousand and 600 hectares, expanding silage corn, oats and other high-quality forage scale.

highlight innovative services, in the construction of agricultural and animal husbandry science and technology extension system as a new

accelerate the construction of modern agriculture and animal husbandry demonstration area, efforts to build a number of boutique park. Expand the credit pool business,;

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