Xining held a staff photo tour

from May 11th onwards, Xining City Federation of trade unions organized workers in the city photography tour in Dongchuan two, Gan River Industrial Park, lasted two weeks, tour to collect a total of workers in all walks of life in the city more than 350 pieces of photographic works, and the selection of the exhibitors from more than 200 paintings. Selected works from different aspects of the focus and show the beautiful posture of all walks of life and wonderful moments.

display all the pictures taken by the primary front-line workers, record the masses of workers to hard labor, honest labor, innovative labor scene, the interpretation of the beautiful work, the value of labor workers, the great and glorious and contemporary workers focus on learning, good at thinking, love life, the pursuit of the ideal life and spiritual pursuit. Reflects the broad masses of workers on the vision of a better life, with a strong educational, enlightening and inspiring.

Xining City Union official said, in order to show the Tour Staff photography style of front-line workers and laborers in spirit, build a good platform, through this exhibition, showing the working class in the new period spirit, enrich and activate the cultural life of the masses of workers, motivate and mobilize the masses of workers actively participate in the economic construction of the labor enthusiasm.


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