Xining Development Zone circular economy has made new progress in energy saving emission reduction t

last year, the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone closely around build national circular economy pilot area development goals, efforts to overcome the adverse effects caused by the economic downturn, to steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting transformation, grasp the development of circular economy, has made new progress, and constantly improve the level of intensive Park resource utilization, energy saving and emission reduction indicators reached the advanced level in the province.

according to reports, the park, the development of circular economy as the breakthrough point of leapfrog development, green development, closely around the leading industries of the park, construction of circular economy industrial chain, promote technological innovation and transformation, the full implementation of the national energy-saving emission reduction policies, and actively promote clean production, accelerate the resource-saving and environment-friendly industrial park construction. Last year, the development zone is the four largest industrial park has introduced coal polygeneration, aluminum alloy steel casting and forging processing, extension and a number of circular economy projects, recycling of resources in the park project, a substantial increase in the proportion of industry level, characteristics of rapid promotion. To improve the development of "circular economy" 12th Five-Year "implementation plan", the establishment of industrial circular economy development zone project outline, plan of 106 circular economy industrial and project planning node, chromium chemical, fluorine chemicals, titanium material, carbon (graphite) materials industrial park. The development of circular economy statistical evaluation index system, the development of circular economy statistical evaluation index system, and in the province’s administrative units in the first through the ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

Xining Development Zone to increase environmental management efforts in the park, strict examination and approval projects, strengthen the daily environmental monitoring at the same time, invest 560 million yuan to implement the transformation, furnace waste heat power generation, motor frequency conversion, water recycling, waste comprehensive utilization of 19 energy-saving emission reduction and comprehensive utilization of resources projects, the indicators of energy saving and emission reduction achieved the province’s advanced level. Strengthen the management of project land, revitalize the stock of land, strictly enforce the project volume rate, building density and investment intensity indicators, and strive to improve the intensive use of the park construction land. As of 2012, the park industrial land investment reached 22 million 429 thousand yuan per hectare, an increase of 6.5% over the previous year; industrial output per hectare reached $21 million 438 thousand, an increase of 8% over the previous year, reaching the advanced level in the western region. (author:

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