nvestigation of various types of economic cases of Xining City two consecutive destruction of dens

Xining City Industrial and commercial bureau of Economic Inspection Detachment since its inception, and actively investigate various types of economic cases. The day before, destroyed two dens selling fake goods. In September 12th, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau economic inspection team of law enforcement officers in the Fu Village Xining City No. 24 by selling counterfeit "Wuliangye" a liquor dens, the scene seized alleged trademark infringement of the "Wuliangye" 72 bottles of liquor, 143 sets of counterfeit trademark logo, bulk liquor 8 barrels, involving more than 3 yuan. On the same day, Fu Xiang Chengdong District of Xining city in 5-6, seized on suspicion of renovation of the old brand TV at the scene seized dens, renovation of the old Changhong, Haier, TCL, SANYO and other brands, panda TV set a total of 21 units, Changhong, Haier and other TV printing packing box 68, brand mark 160, and no factory the site of a large number of TV remote control, manual, TV shell, worth more than 1.6 yuan.


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