Happy new year to go grassroots

armed police cadres on duty

New Year’s Eve, the Qinghai Armed Police Corps of more than 600 cadres go on the line for sentinel soldiers on guard duty, staying-up late on new year’s Eve for the motherland and the people.

19:50, commander Yang Xiong, took resolute look neat police camp gate No. 1 Yu Zhenghua organ sentry gun, sonorous walking onto the post, began to fulfill a sentry duty; 20 pm, accompanied by a fireworks display, a technology Corps political commissar Zhong arranged neat, full spirit stood at 6 the leading cadres, the foreman, deputy chief of staff under the leadership of Shi Huajie walking on the Gate No. 2 Corps whistle, replaced the Lei Gangzhi sentinel sentry duty. Two "veteran" majestic standing, golden epaulets on variegated night shining.

Corps Command Center, with horse bells, duty chief Li Haimin deputy commander of the click of a mouse, all sentinel grassroots panoramic video is sequentially switched to the Kunlun Mountains tunnel, at an elevation of 4700 meters Tuotuohe River in Qinghai Tibet line. Responsible for the Qinghai Tibet Railway Kunlun Mountains tunnel Guardian task force Qinghai four detachment of the six squadron officers and soldiers, the new year’s Eve is still busy, highly vigilant day. The difference is that more than a few festive festive and warm. 5 in the afternoon, the instructor Wu Weian just arranged for a meal, the captain of the group of cadres rushed to arrange the night on the evening of duty Zhang Bin. In the service deployment on the team clear two: one is the officer for soldiers stand guard. So the soldiers, to watch live CCTV Spring Festival Gala on New Year’s eve. Two is to ensure the absolute safety of the premise, so that the soldiers feel festive atmosphere. 6, troops on time for dinner. Walked into the dining hall, red lanterns and streamers decorated a festive lantern sent, also with "to celebrate the Spring Festival" at the top, on the table filled with fish and ducks, more than and 10 dishes, there are four kinds of fresh fruits and beverages. The soldiers filled the cup with drinks and wished each other a happy new year. At the end of the interview, Wu Weian told reporters, after watching the Spring Festival Gala, we want to organize the dumplings, like at home, the continuation of the tradition of eating dumplings on New Year’s eve.

after dinner, Captain Zhang Bin led the squadron cadres, wear the coat plateau and cold shoes, wearing glasses of sand, replaced in post on a soldier. Their behavior and the majority of military cadres, the same is that they are more than 4800 meters above sea level in the plateau area. (author: Wang Jinbing Yan Wanbao Kennan Jin Guo Hao)

bus master hit home

1 bus scheduling room, waiting for the driver to drive around the table to eat the candy, melon seeds, watching the Spring Festival evening, we laugh. Someone shouted: "dumplings under the pot!" I saw you standing around the stove waiting at the dumplings.

her name is Qin Xiaohong, is carrying a bowl of dumplings to swallow the whole floor, there are ten minutes she will be out of the car, she picked up the clothes quickly out of the dispatch room, check the car, take a seat, start the car…… "Let the car get hot first, so that the passengers won’t be cold;

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