City leaders condolences disabled people

January 13th to 14, the Municipal People’s Congress Chairman Zou Jiansheng, Municipal Standing Committee, Minister of the Propaganda Department, Municipal Federation of trade unions chairman Wang Hong, city CDPF, county district and other key leaders condolences group, has in-depth the city district and county poverty disabled family condolences.The

group has come condolences to Zhang Shengzhi, Yuan Pengcheng, Li Mingli, the disabled and other people in the horse Ayishe, every one, to express sympathy affectionately with the disabled conversation, asked in detail about their living conditions, they listen to the demands of life, help them solve the living problem actively. In the condolences for each household to 800 yuan at the same time, condolences group also encourage them to self-reliance, maintain an optimistic attitude to face life. When condolences group learned that Zhang Shengzhi’s father was the 1998 national model worker, Wang Haihong proposed to the Zhang Shengzhi family for another family living outside in addition to the difficulties of model workers condolences to Kim, and asked relevant departments to find ways to help these difficult families of disabled persons.

it is understood that the pre holiday condolences, the City Federation of condolences to 42 disabled households, a total of condolence payments of $33600.


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