36122 candidates in the province to participate in college entrance examination

Our province college entrance examination in 2014 on June 7th -9 days (9 days for "bilingual" candidates of the Tibetan language, Mongolian language, ethnic Chinese subject test). The province has a total of 33 test areas, 45 sites, 1281 room (443 arts, science 775, higher vocational counterparts, a total of 39753 people, 63) the actual registration, to participate in the common entrance examination for 36122 people (12443 arts, science 22367, 1312 technical school). Seven Higher Vocational Colleges in our province has 1683 people admitted to a single stroke single test. In order to ensure that the province’s college entrance examination work safely and smoothly, the provincial government and the state, the city signed the responsibility for the examination of the safety of the book, to do a good job in the examination of security requirements. Provincial government, the Provincial Department of education also issued a circular on strengthening the traffic around the test center to ease, security patrols, prohibit vehicles such as whistle to prevent noise interference made a mandatory requirement. Across the province in the exam also carried out to combat cheating equipment sales, purify the network environment involving test "," purification test environment ", the three special action to help test criminal activities to maintain pressure against trend. Based on this, our province to strengthen the security and confidentiality of the papers in the exam, to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong; kaofengkaoji serious, strict examination work and invigilating teacher recruitment, training, assessment, management and responsibility, so that all candidates have signed a commitment to integrity of the examination, the examination strictly avoid system; strengthen ability to handle emergency entrance examination of emergencies, such as demanding the implementation of the "first time report" system requirements to achieve rapid response, correct response, decisive disposal, and strive in the shortest time, the minimum scope of the impact of the loss and reduced to the lowest level. The city’s entrance must be no danger of anything going wrong the afternoon of June 6th, vice secretary of municipal Party committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee Secretary Su Rong, vice mayor, Zhang Qian Municipal Public Security Bureau in the city education, public security, transportation, environmental protection, urban management, radio, health, electricity and other city committee accompanied by members of the unit in charge of the college entrance examination, the work has taken off the West Street Primary School in eleven, Xining, Xining fifth 3 sites, Su Rong in the city of 3 sites for work at the same time, asked the city departments to the center, each one attends to his own duties due diligence, examination work without any oversight, to ensure the college entrance examination in no danger of anything going wrong. Check, Su Rong after listening to each department and test centers responsible for university entrance examination work report at the same time, also the video control room, on the test sites of the medical aid station, key examination room wall clock and other parts and links to a detailed view, also conducted a special inquiry on some key details, until now at ease. Su Rong stressed that in the examination, the child is no small thing, the entrance is no small matter, the various departments, the county, college entrance examination personnel must strengthen the sense of responsibility, exam exam to check again, and then comb, to prevent the details wrong for each part of the exam. To prevent the occurrence of cheating in examination; examination environment to ensure that no noise interference test case; the traffic police department to ensure that sent to test the car smoothly, love taxi should continue to transfer positive energy as usual…… To respond effectively, properly handle all kinds of possible during the exam;

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