JP’s first environmental monitoring station

from the Xining city environmental monitoring station by the central government special funds to implement the provincial capital city of ambient air quality warning system project, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County environmental air quality automatic monitoring station has been built using the continuous automatic monitoring of regional environmental quality in 24 hours.

The main monitoring station in the air of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, respirable particulate matter and ozone pollution factors and air pressure, wind direction and wind speed and other meteorological parameters

Datong County environmental air quality automatic monitoring, automatic continuous monitoring can achieve 24 hours, according to the automatic monitoring station data timely monitoring points of regional environmental quality status. The monitoring data to the monitoring center of environmental air quality three level environmental monitoring timely continuous transmission to the province, Xining City, Datong station, to promote the county environmental quality monitoring and evaluation system, optimize the environment air quality monitoring points, improve the monitoring capacity of regional characteristics of pollutants, improve environmental monitoring level of public service and accurate release of ambient air quality information plays an important role. (author: Zhao Junjie)

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