Consider eliminating grassroots Hukou reform public opinion City Public Security Bureau Registrati

Grassroots public opinion about resolving the household registration reform


consider eliminating grassroots Hukou reform public opinion

City Public Security Bureau registration at the household registration system reform work in-depth research

in order to further promote the reform of the household registration system, the city recently, the Municipal Public Security Bureau of household registration office, the total depth of the urban Pengjia village village, Cao Zhai Zi Cun, Si, mill village and other villages, suburban village, and the local police station, village cadres and villagers face-to-face exchanges, learn to grasp around the "agricultural change in the" progress, patiently answered questions raised by the villagers, and the problems existing in the work put forward specific work requirements.

in Nanchuan City Branch Road police station, after listening to the police station director Yang Jun on the "change in the area of agricultural work in progress and problems on the urban household, office of the director of Xu Hairun stressed that reform work is one of the focus of the current work, the police station is at the forefront of reform work, be sure to do a good job in the publicity and public opinion and increase the mass of policy awareness, to fully mobilize the masses, relying on the masses, the masses to convey the spirit of each policy.

Nanchuan road

mill village total 383 villagers 1456 people, there are 282 to 938 villagers for the transfer formalities for examination and approval, agreed to transfer to urban residents account. The village turned to work in the city’s agricultural change home in front of the work. For a detailed understanding of water village reform work, Xu director of village cadres and villagers called for the convening of the forum. At the meeting, the village mill raises questions or problems of the village committee and village land ownership transfer after. Director Xu will of necessity, guiding ideology, reform the contents and methods of the reform of the household registration system and safeguard measures after the transfer to do a detailed propaganda and explanation, and aiming at the questions to answer them one by one. Village cadres have expressed the spirit of the forum to publicize to the village farmers, as always, actively support the reform of the household registration system, in accordance with the spirit of government documents to achieve voluntary transfer. The next step of the work, put forward four requirements: is the director Xu family changed work must adhere to the voluntary principle, to respect the wishes of the masses; two is the police station to overcome the difficulties, work overtime, complete account of the replacement work as soon as possible, and will have to change the account as soon as possible to the hands of the masses and the effective implementation of measures to benefit; three is the police station to establish special transfer files, standard transfer population records management; four is to continue to do propaganda work, especially on the definition of "stage" of the concept of time issued [2011]9 document, the need to further promote. To eliminate the concerns of villagers, and strive to achieve the transfer of the mill village households, play a leading role in the demonstration of the household registration system reform.




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